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Quake timing utility

The Quake timing utility is an app made to train players at timing items more efficiently in Quake Live. Since, timing require some practice before being able to instantly know the correct answer, the app allow you to practice at times where you are unable to play and don't have anything else better to do such as when you are on the bus, subway, etc.

The app let you choose up to 6 items using the original time (25, 35, 90 sec and 2 min) that you will have to time simultaneously. Players also have the ability to delay items by holding the button before releasing in order to mimick the situation in-game where you have to do it to prevent both items from spawning at the same time thus forcing you to only pick up one of them

At the end of each session, a score is given to you reprenting how well you did with your selected setup.

You can currently view the app on the google play store by clicking here